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S is for Sunday

S is also for serving, or maybe Snyders, or even States.

Yes, we did all those yesterday (9/29/13). The Snyders Served in two States on Sunday.

We were in two Churches, two states, four services, Dad preached three times and presented the ministry twice, we sung fourteen songs and sat in the car for four hours.

You may be wondering where we did all that so I will tell you exactly how it went.

WE left Hope, Arkansas at 7:00 AM and drove to Bell St. Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas arriving at 9:00 In Sunday School we sang and then dad presented the ministry. In the 11:00 service we sang again and Dad preached, then we had lunch at the church and had another service at 1:30 and again we sang and Dad preached.

Right after the service we all got back in the van and drove two hours back to Grace Baptist Church in Hope, Arkansas. We arrived at 5:00 and prayer meeting began at 5:30 with the evening service at 6:00. Being short on time we were not able to get our video presentation set up, so we had to skip that, anyways we sang five more songs and Dad preached again, giving an update on the ministry after the service. Of course we had pizza for tea (dinner or super for you Americans) after the service. 

Overall it was a great day, very busy but a wonderful day in the Lord.

Untill next time


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