Tuakau Christmas Parade

This past Saturday our church and Bible Club participated in the local Christmas Parade,where we passed out tracts and candy canes and most of the kids carried signs. Me and my brother were each pulling a  bike cart. With some of the younger ones.

I created a quick slideshow so enjoy, and do leave a comment!

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2 responses to “Tuakau Christmas Parade

  • Nomad

    Hey Matthew! I just watched your slideshow! It looked like a great opportunity and a really FUN time! Great work on the slideshow as well! By the way… love the house! …and the grass! I haven’t seen grass like that in a few years! Very nice!


  • Hannah

    Great pictures Matt! Looks like it was a great time, wish I could have been there. Miss everyone. Really neat that the club kids were in it with you. Oh, and your new house looks really nice!


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